For organizations and individuals interested in pursuing a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) I provide dedicated and as-you-need-it advisory service support for:

- Company Formation

- Operations

- Marketing 

- Public Relations

- Sales

- Training

- Coaching

- Cheerleading

- Reminding you to get your head out of your rear. 

Clients have described my brand of service these ways:

"You meet me at my growing edge. You deeply listen to my goals and dreams, helped formulate them into a working model, and talked with me to determine together the next best steps. You also kept me focused on my gifts and intended goal, all while allowing me to explore best options for my industry, audience, etc."
"You walked me through my irrational fears, got me past them so we could get to work."
"You have such a depth and breadth of experience; one hour with you is like eight hours with anyone other advisor or strategist."

Overall, I am candid, concise, and consistent in a way that most advisors don't even aspire to be. I've been in your shoes, starting something big, and I know how hard the work will be. I'm on your side to make the process as simple as possible without ever feeding you B.S. that it will ever be easy. 

I've worked with almost 1,000 organizations, many like yours, and know from experience the outcome is well worth the work and with a clear head and a persistent approach, you can create something amazing. Remarkable. What the world needs right now.